Coronavirus and the 10-day deadline

March 17, 2020

In light of Covid-19 and the havoc that has been brought to our daily life and the court system, there are some things that will march on unfortunately. The court systems are quickly rescheduling in person appearances in many counties but it is on a county by county and municipality by municipality basis. Deadlines remain though as statutes haven’t changed.Deadlines for demanding either an administrative suspension hearing through the WI DOT or a Refusal Hearing through the courts will remain in place in OWI cases in Wisconsin.  Despite courts closing intake courts and moving initial appearances for out of custody defendants anywhere from a month to three months to limit in person appearances and for criminal matters, the 10-day deadline will not move.

If you have been arrested for an OWI and refused testing, or if there is a test result, there are still immediate steps you need to take to preserve your rights and driving privileges. The written demand of a Refusal Hearing is still imperative despite initial appearances being pushed out for courts. Equally important, the Administrative Suspension Hearing Demand continues to be separate form your court appearance and will need to be timely demanded as well.

At Piel Law Office during this time of uncertainty, we want to make sure your rights are preserved for when normalcy in the court system returns. Please call our office if you have questions on deadlines or anything related to an arrest.

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