Defending drivers against OWIs for over 25 years.

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Traffic violations

Minor traffic citations can become major issues if left unattended. We offer a free consultation to discuss how a traffic violation could affect your driving privileges.

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DUI defense

Our extensive knowledge in DUI defense allows me to offer clients the most strategic defense possible when going up against these difficult charges.

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Criminal defense

Being arrested for a criminal offense can have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life. Contact my office to discuss your charges and potential solutions.

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We begin with the presumption of innocence.

Years of dedication

Having successfully defended over 500 OWI and criminal cases for over 25 years, Walter A. Piel Jr's peers have described him as a masterful litigator. Our practice focuses on drunk driving, criminal, and traffic defense in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Solo practitioner since 2013
  • Officer training methods and NHTSA guilt-testing standards
  • Successful in case dismissals and minimizing consequences of OWIs
  • Practice dedicated to OWI and DUI defense
  • Attentive care and thorough investigation

The FAQs

Being arrested for an OWI may be both stressful and confusing. We offer a FAQ section that answers some typical questions before we have a chance to speak.


"My goal is to assure that all persons charged with a drunk driving or criminal offense have the opportunity to be represented by a qualified, competent and experienced attorney."

- Walter A. Piel Jr.

Client testimonials

"Walter was compassionate yet realistic regarding my situation. He explained every step of the process in ways that I could understand, took nothing for granted, and wound up getting the charges dismissed."

"Walter represented me with an aggressive no-quit attitude. He took charge and never misrepresented what he was willing to do or could do for my situation. Walter was always very patient with all my questions and I felt like I could call with anything that was not clear to me."

"Walter was always very patient with all my questions and I felt like I could call with anything that was not clear to me."​

"·      Attorney Piel handled my case in a professional and expeditious manner. I was very satisfied with his representation of me and completely resolved my case." 

"I was involved in a car accident after I had been drinking. The police charged me with two felonies. Walt came to my house and drove all the way across two counties to sit at my kitchen table and hear my story about that night. He made no promises, but I could hear a very strong, solid, reliable, honest, trustworthy, experienced man sitting
in front of me speaking. I immediately retained his services.
That was the best decision I ever made."

Latest news & updates

Wisconsin news sources cover OWI arrests, OWI Task Force enforcements, and changes in the law. We will keep you up to date with key developments and provide helpful resources if you are dealing with OWI or criminal charges.

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Ignition Interlock Device Companies and Advertising
Ignition Interlock Device
May 4, 2020

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) companies make their money when you are ordered to install an IID. Count on your attorney to let you know when you need an IID, not an advertisement.

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Piel Law Office is available during Covid-19
March 23, 2020

Supreme Court order changes in person court appearances through May 22, 2020. Piel Law Office remains accessible by phone, email, and video means.

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Coronavirus and the 10-day deadline
March 17, 2020

Deadlines for administrative suspension hearing demands and refusal hearing demands will continue despite the rapidly changing routines and rules of our daily lives

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