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While the primary focus of my practice is OWI and the related traffic offenses that arise from an OWI arrest, my practice is also dedicated to those charged with criminal offenses and traffic violations. No matter your charge, you can count on a knowledgeable, aggressive, experienced attorney representing you in court.

You've been arrested

My approach to defending anyone charged with drunk driving is to first presume you are innocent, second to look for ways to present a defense to the charges and finally to be direct and honest about the charges you face. Based on my years of experience in defending OWI cases in Wisconsin, winning a case depends on the experience of your attorney and how the facts come in. And if it goes to a jury trial . . . six or twelve people sitting in the jury box will determine your fate based on your attorney’s preparedness and the presentation by both sides regarding the facts of your case.

What happens next


Carefully review the paperwork you recevied at the time of your arrest. There are many deadlines and steps that must
be taken before your first court date.


Prepare a written account of the events leading up to and after your arrest. Include a general timeline and a description of your interaction with the police. Save your version of what happened for a consultation with a qualified attorney.


Contact an attorney to discuss the facts of your case and your individual situation. If you decide to hire an attorney, be sure to find an attorney who is experienced, that you feel comfortable with and that you can afford.

DUI Defense

How we defend you

Drunk driving cases require a competent attorney to review audio evidence, video evidence, how the field sobriety tests were or weren’t performed, blood or breath test results, and the processes used to test a sample. Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of toxicology and the body’s absorption and elimination of alcohol, and be aware of how medical conditions can affect testing. The list of defenses to investigate goes on.
I spend my time in court defending my clients. Clients who hire me get my knowledge, my dedication to your case, and my years of experience defending those charged with an OWI in Wisconsin. I know how to work with each individual court in Wisconsin as each has their own distinct policies and procedures depending on the various judges. I have the same training in administering field sobriety tests as the arresting officer. I have seen arresting officer's patterns when making arrests over the years and know how they will testify in a trial. I have the experience necessary to analyze your blood or breath test records to look for errors or inconsistencies in the testing procedures and to cross examine expert witnesses. Simply put, I have the experience you need to defend your case.

What you should know

I have been charged with a DUI. What does this mean?

You have been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol and probably received two tickets; one for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant and if your test result was above .08, above .02 in fourth offense or higher cases, a second for operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration. While you may not have felt too impaired to drive, an OWI can be charged when a law enforcement officer stops you and suspects imparement.

What do I have "10 days" to do?

If you receive a Notice of Intent to Suspend Operating Privileges or a
Notice of Intent to Revoke Operating Privileges, you have 10 days to act. Failing to demand either hearing impacts your operating privileges 30 days from your date of arrest. Failing to Demand a Refusal Hearing when receiving an Notice of Intent to Revoke is irreversible and counts as a OWI conviction regardless of what eventually happens with your OWI arrest. While failing to demand the Administrative Suspension Hearing is less detrimental, it deprives you of opportunity to question officers and
in most cases, receive critical information about your case in advance of court appearances.

What is an interlock device?

An Ignition Interlock Device, or an IID, is placed on your vehicle and requires you to blow into the machine before allowing you to start your vehicle. You are also prompted to blow while driving, and any alcohol in your system will prevent the starting of your vehicle or will disable your vehicle.

Will I go to jail?

If you are charged with an OWI 2nd or subsequent charge, or there was a minor in the vehicle, injury or death on a first offense, jail will be imposed. The amount of jail time, or prison time in fourth offense cases or higher, varies based on the sentencing guidelines throughout the state and the circumstances of your case.

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases can change your life

Navigating the criminal justice system when facing a misdemeanor or felony is intimidating. At Piel Law Office, we investigate your case to determine if your rights were violated, to determine if an investigator is needed to interview witnesses and explain to you the potential penalties you face. A conviction can mean possible job loss or future employment issues and the consequences for felonies are even more severe, with voting rights and firearm rights at stake.

I have represented those charged with battery, disorderly conduct, drug charges and sexual assault. Each case requires a thorough examination of the facts leading up to the arrest and an understanding of how to best defend my clients.

What you should know

I don't think I was read my Miranda rights?

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Need another quesiton re criminal cases

Is probation or a deferred agerement an option?

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Will expungment be an option?

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Traffic Violations

No Violation is too small

Traffic citations, while most of the time a minor expense, can have
serious consequences if you drive for a living or have a probationary license. Not only can your car insurance be impacted, repeated offenses can put your license in jeopardy. Piel Law Office can help you resolve your traffic violation citations by understanding your individual situation and working to try and resolve your ticket through dismissal or reducing the impact on your license.

"At Piel Law Office, we begin with the presumption of innocence."

- Walter A. Piel Jr.

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