Why can't I get a license in another state after a Wisconsin OWI?

November 8, 2019

I often receive calls  asking things like "I received an OWI in Wisconsin years many ago, and I have since moved. I can’t get licensed in another state as I am told I am still showing revoked in Wisconsin."  

The first step is to begin by contacting the Wisconsin DMV. Many times is it a simple failure to pay the reinstatement fee to reinstate your Wisconsin operating privilege. Other barriers could be failing to complete the mandatory AODA assessment and/or provide proof of counseling after the assessment. Unfortunately if this is the case, and if an assessment was not completed or the required counseling was not completed, you will have to still complete the AODA requirement even years later.  If you did complete it out of state and Wisconsin does not have it recorded, a qualified OWI attorney can help you resolve this issue.

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